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Women in Indian Cinema – A study Project

In view of the International women’s day (March 8), CRF is intiating a study project on Women in Indian Cinema. The study project intends to

a) introduce movie goers in the basic skills for critical engagement with gender portrayals
b) emphasize the need for media literacy (as this is the dominant shaping influence)
c) help initiate affirmative action with regard to inappropriate gender portrayals in Regional cinema

Samuel Thambusamy and Lanusenla Longchar Samuel will be involved in the study project. Samuel Thambusamy is interested in the interface of Religion and film and has been engaged in presentations, lectures and workshop on Religion and Film. Lanusenla Longchar Samuel holds a MTh (women’s studies) and is passionate about women’s issues.

The study project will bring out proposals for affirmative action and gender sensitivity.

For details contact: contactwisdomtree@gmail.com

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