Movie Theology is a blog site that seeks to provide commentary on films from a christian faith perspective.


The Center For Religion and Film

The Center for the study of Religion and Film is being envisaged for engaging with Films from a faith perspective. The Center would provide academic resources on Religion and Film besides conducting workshops/seminars on film and its religious vision. At present, the center is involved in developing resources.


  • Women in Indian Cinema at (a day long seminar) 
  • Screen Age – Engaging with ‘fill-o-sophies’ (2 hrs)
  • Forgiveness – what does it take? A discussion on forgiveness based on the movies Spiderman, Changing Lanes and Last Samurai (1 hr presentation)
  • Truth and Faction: Is truth a victim of entertainment: Reflections based on Titanic, Mangal Pande, and Da Vinci Code. (45 min)
  • Witch way forward?! A presentation on Harry Potter Films (1 hr)
  • Life Matters – discussion on Yuva (Hindi Movie)  (2 hrs) 
  • The wounded healer – Reflections on the movie Kal Ho Na Ho (Hindi Movie) (1 hr)
  • The web of life – discussion based on Spiderman films (90 min)
  • Reconciliation in film: The Indian Experience at the Fourth International Conference on Religion and Film, Edinburgh. (30 min)
  • Engaging the Urban Sub-cultures: A persuasive call to re-tell the gospel story through movie parables, (3 hrs).

Chat Gravity

Conversations on movie/music vedio in the following themes

  • Work
  • Love and Relationships
  • Consumerism
  • Society
  • Identity
  • Success and Failure


* Screenage Reality
* Faith in a machine world
* Portrayal of Sexuality in Indian Cinema
* Jesus in popular Film and Fiction: Engaging with Secular Christologies


* Science fiction films and theological imagination

* Bollywood and its discourse of ‘desire’ and ‘despair’.

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