the man who sued God

In The Man Who Sued God (2001), an ex-lawyer  Steve Myers (played by Billy Connolly) sues God because his boat is struck by lightning, and worse his insurance company refuses to pay since the mishap is perceived as an act of God.

The Christian churches and Jewish synagogues are held liable and are asked to either pay large sums of money or prove that God does not exist.

The Man Who Sued God is a 2001 Australian movie in which Billy Connolly plays Steve Myers, an ex-lawyer who sues God because his boat is struck by lightning, and his insurance company refuses to pay, claiming it to be an act of God. By claiming to be God’s representatives on Earth, the Christian churches and Jewish synagogues are held to be the liable party, putting them in the difficult position of either having to pay large sums of money, or prove that God does not exist.

Arai En 305il Kadavul [ God in Room No 305]

Modhi Vilayadu

Modhi Vilayadu (2009) narrates the story about Uday Vasudev and his tryst with  (borrowed) identity. The film raises the question: What if you have lived a lie all your life?

The film introduces Uday, Rajan Vasudev, Chanakya and Eswari and begin to feel sad for them. Why?

You feel sad for

  • Uday(for the lie he lived)
  • Rajan Vasudev (for the life he lived)
  • Chanakya (for the false life he loved)
  • Madan (for the life he never lived)
  • Eswari(for the lie she believed)

People spell LIFE as: I, IF, LIE, LIFE

Life has to be spelt as LIFE!

How do you face the truth about yourself?  How do you let go false identity? How do you let go ‘borrowed’ identity?

How do you live your life – in all its fullness?

Is hope a dangerous thing? Or is it a good thing?


John Coffey’s death

The Green Mile (1999) is a fascinating movie that makes you cry (even if you are born tough eh?)

John Coffey heals. He bears the scars of pain and punishment that he has borne for others. He infects people with life. He is falsely accused and he is brutally executed…

JC dies… but Edgecombe finds healing and discovers life’s possiblities beyond guilt, lonliness and despair

Bourne Identity (2002) is about Jason Bourne (played by Matt Damon) who has no clue of his own identity.

Jason begins the journey of unlocking the secret of his own identity. To start with, Jason has got only a bank account number implanted into his hip.

The fascinating journey begins with the journey to Paris. Jason soon realizes he possesses extraordinary talents in fighting, self defense and linguistics.

More importantly, he realizes that he cannot trust any one. His tryst with lost identity becomes a journey of self-exploration – who he really is and why so many people are out there to end this search.

Who am I? The question of identity is so important. What if you’ve forgotten who you really are.

Worse, what happens if others know who you are while you stay confused about who you are. What happens if you know who you really are! And more importantly, you know who the others really are!

Ever wondered, “Who am I?”

An adventure awaits you… if you explore your true identity!


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